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Church Leaders


1. Mike McGuire, 

2, Mike Gabbard, 

3. Hammer McGuire

Women’s Ministry

1. Cathi Walters- President

2. Amy Anderson  - Treasurer

Music Ministry

1. Lou Ann Gabbard

2. Ellen Hoffman

3. Barbara Lyons

4. Austin Anderson

5  Alton Stull 

6. William Loyer

7. Hannah Carter

Caleb Carter


1. Bo McGuire

2. Charlie Willoughby

3. Brian Carter

4. Alton Stull III

5. Tim Lyons

6. Austin Anderson

7;  William Loyer


Church Treasurer

1. Brenda Stull


Sunday School Treasurers

1. Dianne Willoughby

2. Lou Ann Gabbard


Elder Emeritus

1. Burl Stull Jr.


Preaching, Teaching Assistant= Hammer McGuire   Anthny Anderson 

Music - Youth Minister
Caleb Carter

Buildings & Grounds

1. Randy Coyle

2. Maria Lara



1. Mike Gabbard

2. Pam Nash

3. Hannah Carter

4. Randy Coyle

5.  Melanie Williams

7. Alton Stull III

8. Caleb Carter

9. Denise McGuire

11. Melodie Carter

12. Francis Nash

13. Cathi Walters

14. Brian Carter

15. Stacy Stull

16. Kayla Loyer

17. Andrew Willoughby

18. Jose Reyna

19  Jerry Allen


Minister -Francis Nash

Francis has been minister of Sugar Grove Christian Church since 1968. He lives in Grayson, KY and he is a graduate of Kentucky Christian University, and holds three post graduate degrees from Morehead State University in areas of Social Studies, Education and Communication. He has authored three books as well as various articles and serves as Executive Director of the Workers for Mexico Mission. He has been adjunct professor at Kentucky Christian  and taught  at   Carter Christian Academy.  His wife, Pam assists in the church and mission work and served on  Grayson City Council 27 years..  Francis retired after 50 years in Broadcast industry management and is a member of the Ky Broadcasting Hall of Fame...  He currently  serves as Sports broadcaster for Ky. Christian Univ.


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